Sunday, March 24, 2013

ホープ軒 (Hopuken in Sendagaya)



It is the other Hopu! Or is it Hope?


Awesome shop. I hope you can make it here. The ground floor is a standing counter, 2nd floor counter seating, and 3rd floor is tables.


This bowl is intense. Please, for the love of your digestive tract, approach this one with caution. This bowl is completely loaded with silky pork fat. There is soup in there, somewhere, beneath the inch of oil. Please don't try and drink this one, unless you known what you are doing.

Such a beautiful bowl, though. Wouldn't you agree?


And please, for the love of wontons, get the wontons. Mega-meaty things that match the bowl perfectly.

By the way, everything here is made in-house.


This shop has a lot of history. Back in 1960, the owner pulled a little yatai around the streets of Kabukicho, serving the late-night crowds. "We want white soup! Cook it longer," they cried. Instead of going down the road of Hakata's well known yatais style, Hopuken made his own.

For 15 years he dragged that cart around. I can only imagine what Japan was like then.


Official Site Here

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Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Sendagaya 2-33-9
Closest station: Kokuritsukyogijo

Open 24/7


pofu said...

man that does look awesome

smile said...

I'm Hideki.....Shodo's owner in kawagoe city.

I check your Cool!&HOT! sight everyday!

my tips? for you!

Ramen Adventures said...

Thanks, Hideki! I HOPE I can try your ramen again soon!

Leona S. said...

I love your blog and all your ramen pictures! My husband and I are huge ramen fans! We just got back from Japan a few days ago and had some pretty good ramen but nothing too mind blowing unfortunately. Is there a way to filter your blog to see the ramen shops in the Kansai area? Or are you mainly in the Touhouku area? Cheers!!

Ramen Adventures said...

Unfortunately, I am in Tokyo, and have only eaten Kansai ramen a handful of times