Wednesday, February 6, 2013

哉 (Ya in Zushi)

支那そば 哉


My on-site, non-ramen work takes me all over the place. Rarely, though, does it take me all the way to the coast. Zushi is only a few minutes from Kamakura, the mega-famous, ancient capital (I think) of Japan.


Sure, there are a ton of nice seafood restaurants out here, as well as a handful of nicer-than-average Chinese, but what about ramen?


A very standard shinasoba spot. Most shinasoba spots cater to all the old folk who reside in the area. Old folk who have been eating this style of ramen their whole life.


I can't get too excited about these old-school shops, but that isn't to say it was bad. There was a nice kick at first sip, something with the veggies in the soup.

Dinner was some awesome fish and chips, but this is neither the time nor the place.


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Kanagawa-ken, Zushi-shi, Zushi 1-5-5
Closest station: Zushi

Open 11:30-25:30
Closed some Thursdays