Saturday, February 2, 2013

ソラノイロの限定 (Limited Sokisoba at Soranoiro)



I debated about posting gentei bowls of ramen on this site. Limited edition bowls are sometimes a seasonal thing, sometimes a month-long thing, and sometimes last only a day. Posts on Ramen Adventures tend to be about a month or two after the shop was visited, so there is often no chance for you to ever eat this.


But from now on, to keep with my "every two days" promise, you'll be seeing some gentei bowls. Like the above one-day Okinawa-style bowl from Soranoiro. In true Soraniro fashion, he makes it unique with a super high-end tomato from Ehime Prefecture.


My original review of Soranoiro is here.

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Chisa said...

I watched you n this site introduced on TV:)
Im surprised so many foreigners love Japanese ramen.
im really glad to hear that:))