Monday, February 4, 2013

庄のの限定 (Foie Gras Ramen from Shono)



Sho is kind of a genius. His shop boasts a very respectable tonkotsu ramen that has customers coming back for more. He took his success, his regulars, his praise, and decided to have some fun, on a monthly basis

Every month is a new gentei offering. An off-the-wall, break from the norm type of gentei. But early January 2013 was simply amazing.

The noodles . . . topped with slivers of black truffle.


A spoon of the shop's signature smoked salmon, topped with a little caviar.


And the soup? Piled high with foie gras. Sorry, California, this was some rad ramen.

That foie gras melted with each dip of the noodles. Absolutely amazing. I can't believe this was only 1500 yen.

Doing a special gentei, by building off of your already winning formula, is the only way something like this works. I've seen photos of foei gras ramen made in America, but it sounded wrong. In fact, a lot of shops in America are doing this sort of thing; throw in fancy, weird things that sound good, and hope that it will bring in a crowd. Go ahead and top your ramen with an artichoke foam and local prawns, but if the underlying noodles and soup are crap, it ain't gonna get fixed.


My original review of Shono is here.


Anonymous said...

Is this still on?

Ramen Adventures said...

Sorry, it was only for a few days to celebrate the New Year

Winnie said...

Sounds delicious, wish I had a chance to try some of it.

I have to say good job for being so on top of your New Year's resolution! (I can't say the same for myself ahaha)