Sunday, February 24, 2013

カッパ64 (Kappa 64 in Ushihama)



Kappa 64 was ranked as the number one new original ramen (well, tied with the Uni Cream Tsukemen at Tairyo Makoto) in Tokyo. So what took so long to check it out?


The shop is way out in Ushihama. Ushi-what? I am probably in the top 5% for obscure station trivia, what with my current non-ramen job, but I had never heard of this one. For those keeping track, transfer in Tachikawa and take the Ome line for a ways.


The originality here comes from the three parts of the soup. First, a thick pork and chicken soup. Second, a tomato soup blend. Third, a healthy serving of pomodoro style tomato sauce.


The noodles, just thick enough to grab this sweet and spicy mix, are made on site.


Recommended if you happen to be out in this neck of the woods.


This shop is very near the Yokota military base, so maybe some servicemen can drag themselves away from the Taco Bell and give it a try!

You didn't know? There is a Taco Bell on the base! It may be the only one in Japan.


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Tokyo, Fussa-shi, Kitadenen 1-6-9
Closest station: Ushihama

Open 11:30-15:00, 17:30-21:00


Al said...

There is a Taco Bell on the base at Atsugi too.

Love Japan said...

Thanks for the recommentation. I'll try this place if there's ever a day without a line! Try Biton when you're in the neighborhood next time.