Friday, January 11, 2013

ヨネ屋 (Yoneya in Ikegami)



Yoneya is out on the Ikegami train line; one of the shortest, but most interesting lines in Tokyo. It starts in Gotanda, a spot in Tokyo that I know because it is the only place you can get decent sneakers in a size 13 (regular shops only go up to a 10.5 in Japan).


Speaking of sneakers, this shop did a collab with KiksTyo, a street-fashion brand with it's main shop in Shibuya. You can pick up an original Yone x Kiks shirt at the shop. Hopes were high!


Not so great. The pork was a rubbery mess, and the soup lacked much of anything. I feel a little bad writing a negative review of this shop, as the master was a nice guy who stayed open an extra 15 minutes for me. But I just can't recommend bad ramen!


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