Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Noodle Gourmet at Haneda Airport

Noodle Gourmet


The first thing you see when exiting the baggage claim at Haneda's local wing is ramen. Not just any ramen, but hand cut tantanmen.


This place looks sharp!


Black walls. Stainless steel counters. Mood lighting. Big-screen TVs.


And the ramen looks good. Tosakumen (刀削麵) are hand cut noodles of Chinese origin. Most often, a large block of dough, a sharp knife, and a pot of boiling water make for an excellent bowl. It certainly looked good on the monitor!


Looks good. This stuff was abysmal. Regular ramen noodles should sit for a day or so to firm up. This makes a massive difference.

But fresh cut noodles are just that; fresh. So when a bowl of mildly spicy dough-mush was served, I wasn't too surprised. I know I nitpick a bit, but when you can't pick up a noodle with chopsticks because it disintegrates, that is a legit complaint.


But flights within Japan don't serve a meal, and I was hungry.

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