Monday, January 7, 2013

ももちゃんラーメン (Momochan in Tottori)



Tottori Prefecture is not a major ramen destination. The area is famed for the crabs and for the pears. But this is Japan; there has to be a local ramen style!

The locals (cops and taxi drivers are the people to ask) all pointed to Momochan. It turns out that there is in fact a Tottori-kei ramen; made with beef. Beef soup and beef toppings. The area has a rich wagyu history, though in recent years no one really associates Tottori with choice steaks. Maybe this ramen is a nostalgic reminder of bygone days, and the locals come here after a night of drinking to reminisce about their farming days.


Maybe not. Judging by the list of celebrities (very respectable for somewhere this far from Tokyo), this must be the most popular ramen for miles.


Completely satisfying for a non-Tokyo bowl. What do I mean by such an elitist comment? In Tokyo, niche ramen like this one made with gyu-kotsu is taken to a massively gourmet level. Shops like Matador are simply amazing.

The locals, mind you this is at about one in the morning, obviously thought I wouldn't understand their snickers and amazement at the giant foreigner eating ramen of all things in their town. But eat I did. And since this spot is open late, you should too.


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Tottori-ken, Tottori-shi, Yayoicho 351
Closest station: Tottori

Open 12:00-14:00, 19:00-2:00am
Saturdays 19:00-2:00am
Closed Sundays


Anonymous said...

There was an ostensibly Tottori style bowl in Baba before, might be gone now, that I went to once:

I don't think it purported to be actual 'Tottori-kei' just used ingredients from there. Pretty decent though.


Ramen Adventures said...

I really miss your blog, Nate. I remember Dogen. They were hot during the "beef boom" a few years back.