Wednesday, January 23, 2013

バサノバの限定 (Limited B-C-T at Basanova)



Broccoli. Cheese. Tondaku.

Cream of broccoli blended with tonkotsu soup. Topped with bacon bits.

Hidden ham surprise inside.

It will be gone once the snow melts. Get it NOW!


Original review here.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks so good ! Also your photos are really nice. How many ramen shops do you visit a week ? How do you find the good places ? I also live in Tokyo area but many of these places in your blog are not yet familier to me. Going each place by train is really a hard job in a day, I think. You know ramen much better than me although I have been eating ramen for more than 40 years. I'm Japanese.

Ramen Adventures said...

Ramen is my #1 interest, so I make time for it!