Saturday, December 22, 2012

にしかわ (Nishikawa in Shizuoka)



Shizuoka city is just over an hour from Tokyo on the next bullet train. Don't go packing your bags just yet, there isn't a lot going on out here . . . or is there?


The first thing you should do when travelling to a new place is find out what the local food scene is all about.  Turns out Shizuoka is known for oden, skewers of fishcake and other goodies simmered in a distinctly Japanese broth. Just head down to one of the city's many oden streets, find an old-lady-run shop, and enjoy. Shizuoka has their own brand of the stuff, with a darker dashi than other cities.


If oden isn't your thing, check out this gelato shop. Nothing but local green tea ice cream. Seven levels of matcha!


Anyways, the ramen. The local issue of Shizuoka Ramen Walker (yes, every prefecture has one of these magazines) awarded only one shop in the city limits with a spot in the top 20. Shizuoka prefecture, like most non-Tokyo prefectures, might require a bit of a drive to find the best noodles.


Nishikawa delivers. All the parts of a good bowl are here, from the golden soup to the chewy noodles, to decent chashu on top. Open late to boot.


So pack your bags!  Shizuoka city is actually quite a gourmet destination. In one night, I was able to gorge myself on oden, sample some local gelato, drink at two of the many craft-beer bars, and top it off with some ramen. Check out the excellent English site Shizuoka Gourmet for a ton of info.


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Shizuoka-ken, Shizuoka-shi, Aoi-ku, Ryogaecho 2-5-3
Closest station: Shizuoka

Open 11:30-13:00, 18:00-1:00am (3am on Saturdays)
Closed Tuesdays


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