Sunday, December 16, 2012

開高 (Kaiko in Sapporo's Airport)

麺屋 開高


I avoid airport ramen like the plague.  The best you can hope for is something from Ajisen, which isn't saying much.  That was my general opinion . . . until I went to Sapporo.  The New Chitose airport is a sight to see.


Hokkaido is mega-famous for local food.  Ramen sits alongside fresh seafood, dairy products, and regional specialties like gingisukan, a lamb dish named after Ghengis Khan.  The airport pays homage to it all, and you could easily spend four or five hours exploring and eating.

Much like the Ramen Republic at Sapporo's station, you'll find the Ramen Dojo here.  Same concept.

We picked a shop that had a wall of celebrity autograph plaques and not too much of a wait time.  Kaiko had the perfect balance.


The recommended, and limited, Tokachi Pork Noodles are the way to go.  Tokachi is an area of Hokkaido that is known for mega-tender pigs.  Maybe it is the cold winters.  Maybe it is the strict whey diet.


And the soup.  Those same local pig bones are cooked for hours and blended with either a white or a red miso blend.


This is what you want in miso ramen.  The creaminess of the pork bones and the saltiness of the miso, perfection.  The pork up top is just an added bonus.

After a lackluster bowl in central Sapporo, I'm very happy to leave on a full stomach.  I'll be back to Sapporo again sometime next year, hopefully with some more local ramen knowledge and a little more time.



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New Chitose Airport Terminal 3F

Open 10:30-8:30

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Chairman Voong said...

Interestingly Kaiko had a branch shop operating in ION orchard Singapore over a year ago. Perhaps its one of the more famous ramen franchise over there?