Saturday, December 1, 2012

風雲児やきそば (Fuunji Yakisoba in Shinjuku)



Don't worry, Ramen Adventures isn't venturing into other realms of Japanese noodles.  You won't be seeing any soba adventures, udon adventures, or yakisoba adventures anytime soon.  Well, maybe just this once.


Fuunji Yakisoba. Yeah, that Fuunji.


For those who don't know it, Fuunji is probably my favorite ramen shop.  I don't eat there nearly enough, as I am always on the hunt, but it, alongside Kikanbo, is one that I always recommend.


And then this happened.  The space above the remarkable tsukemen shop opened.  And it opened with the same name.

But the dish is completely different.  Yakisoba is hot on the B-kyu scene.  There are nationwide competitions over the stuff.  For me, though, it is just some overly sweet stir-fired noodles.  I've never seen a place that serves nothing but yakisoba, and there is a reason for that.  This is a dish best served after something else.  After a long day fishing.  After a long day drinking.  After a long day carrying mikoshi at your local matsuri.


But the line was short at least.

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