Monday, December 10, 2012

666 in Setagaya



How do you think I became such a famous ramen personality?  Making thousands of dollars a week from ad referrals, selling books by the series, appearing on my own Food Network show.  Well, I sold me soul to the devil, that's how!  And now he's here to collect. (cue the creepy mood music)


Then I woke up.  My ad referral payments amount to about five bowls of ramen a year.  The book idea was crushed by some execs at the publisher.  And my presence on TV only occurs when a Japanese morning show wants a token white guy to slurp some noodles.  But at least the Satan part is coming true! (you still have that music cued?)


This newcomer is a winner.  Just look at these toppings.  Rare cuts of marinated pork, and perfectly broiled, tender chicken breast.


The soup is a rich niboshi-shoyu, though they have a shio on hand as well.  I heard through the ramen-vine that the shoyu is much better.


It is unknown why the 666 theme.  The shop's BGM isn't any kind of Norwegian death metal, and there's nothing on the walls aside from a poster of Rafaello's angels. Satan was an angel once.


If you really want to get down, go for the ニボガツ.  It's a serious kick in the pants of niboshi and garlic.


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Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Komazawa 4-19-11
Closest station: Komazawadaigaku

Open 11:30-15:00, 18:00-1:00am
Closed Mondays

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Unknown said...

Hey have you though of maybe self publishing and maybe creating a kickstarter page? I think you would have supporters worldwide, I know I would be supporting.
666 is a place I would go to for the food but also to say I ate at some place called 666 :) Nice post man.