Thursday, November 1, 2012

Voyage in Kamata



How much for a bowl at newly opened Voyage?


無料!  My kind of price!  A note to any shops planning on opening in Tokyo, I will come for free ramen.  Anytime.  But I will give an honest opinion.

Sorry about that.


Anyways, this nautically themed shop is an offshoot of nearby Nagareboshi.  I haven't been, but the master has an obsession with mushrooms, and everything on the menu has them in it.  He must have a good supplier, because Voyage also goes crazy with the fungus.  Sticking with the ocean theme of the decor, the soup is a light shio and scallop blend.


It sounds good on paper, but this ramen was a big disappointment.  The natural umami flavors that mushrooms give a dish just weren't there.


The ramen and the tsukemen are almost identical, but the third choice is something unique.  和えそば is a soupless mazemen.  Thin noodles (same as the ramen and tsukemen) tossed with mushrooms and a multi-seaweed sauce blend.


I actually dug this one a bit, but it was much too simple to have as one of only three standard menu items.  Reminded me of tossing some spaghetti with butter and generic-brand Parmesan cheese, with a touch of dried herbs.  Tasty comfort food, yes.  Impressive, not a chance.  Lazy, kind of.


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Tokyo, Ota-ku, Kamata 4-18-1
Closest staion: Kamata

Open 11:30-23:00


Unknown said...

I notice you always include a map of where you have eaten. Have you ever done or considered one large map with all the bullet points on it for everywhere you have eaten? Probably too tedious huh.

Ramen Adventures said...

Yeah, I've thought of something like that. Once I figure a good way to present it, I'll include some sort of large map.