Thursday, November 1, 2012

Voyage in Kamata



How much for a bowl at newly opened Voyage?


無料!  My kind of price!  A note to any shops planning on opening in Tokyo, I will come for free ramen.  Anytime.  But I will give an honest opinion.

Sorry about that.


Anyways, this nautically themed shop is an offshoot of nearby Nagareboshi.  I haven't been, but the master has an obsession with mushrooms, and everything on the menu has them in it.  He must have a good supplier, because Voyage also goes crazy with the fungus.  Sticking with the ocean theme of the decor, the soup is a light shio and scallop blend.


It sounds good on paper, but this ramen was a big disappointment.  The natural umami flavors that mushrooms give a dish just weren't there.


The ramen and the tsukemen are almost identical, but the third choice is something unique.  和えそば is a soupless mazemen.  Thin noodles (same as the ramen and tsukemen) tossed with mushrooms and a multi-seaweed sauce blend.


I actually dug this one a bit, but it was much too simple to have as one of only three standard menu items.  Reminded me of tossing some spaghetti with butter and generic-brand Parmesan cheese, with a touch of dried herbs.  Tasty comfort food, yes.  Impressive, not a chance.  Lazy, kind of.


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Tokyo, Ota-ku, Kamata 4-18-1
Closest staion: Kamata

Open 11:30-23:00