Thursday, November 22, 2012

ぴょんぴょん舎 (Pyonpyonsha in Morioka)



Pyonpyonsha is the most famous Morioka Reimen shop in Japan.  No time to go to Morioka?  They have branches all over the place; including one at Tokyo Dome and one at the new Tokyo Sky Tree.


Kanpai!  The original makkori goes down smooth.


The reimen, on the other hand, is just plain boring.  On the few other occasions where I've had this dish, I have found more faults than good points.  The soup is too bland, the noodles too chewy, the hard-boiled egg too hard-boiled.  Pyonpyonsha was just another bowl of this stuff.

It should be noted that the shop has a full menu of Korean dishes, and a few bites of reimen might be good with a mound of barbecued beef.  But by itself . . .


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Morioka-shi, Moriokaekimaedori 9-3
Closest station: Morioka

Open 11:00-24:00

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