Wednesday, October 10, 2012

うまか軒 (Umakaken Airport Ramen in Kumamoto)



The Kumamoto airport is a bad place to get a bowl of ramen.


Overcooked is a bad way to serve eggs.


Fried garlic can sometimes fix a bad bowl.


Sometimes not.  And the iPod camera is a bad way to document your ramen travels.


The flight from Kumamoto to Tokyo is awesome.  It follows the coast, from Hiroshima to Osaka to Kyoto to Tokyo.

Don't eat ramen at an airport.



ChardK1 said...

Sound advice. I would say the Tokyo airport ramen scene is not too terrible though. There is a Setagaya at the Haneda International Terminal, overpriced and a little bland but probably better than what most people can get outside of Japan (hey, it's a Setagaya). At Narita there is a Kookai and a Kagetsu Arashi, again not high end stuff but Kookai is a pretty solid little chain IMO.

Unknown said...

Ooof that egg looks dreadful! I never boil mine that bad and I like having hard boiled eggs as a snack.

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