Sunday, September 23, 2012

大つけ麺博 (Tokyo Tsukemen Festival 2012)


It's time again for the annual Tsukemen Festival!

Every year, famous shops from around the greater Tokyo area get together to serve up some tasty limited edition tsukemen dishes in a festival atmosphere.  Each week, for three weeks, eight of them show up and battle it out for the top spot.  I went and actually worked at it with Ivan Ramen a few years back:

This year, the theme is a little different.  Instead of only popular shops from Kanto, they are bringing in people from all over the country.  Japan is known for regional flair in gastronomy, so this should be a tasty event indeed.  The participating shops all had to win their spots in a nation-wide vote.

To make it even more tasty, I will be working there again (hooray!) on Sunday, September 30th.  Hasegawa - はせ川 - comes to you from Kitakata, a Fukushima town famous for simple, refreshing ramen.

How does it look?

食堂はせ川 メニュー写真

Please come on down this coming Sunday to say hello and grab some good food.  Of course, try the ramen from Hasegawa, but feel free to stick around for another two, three, or seven bowls!

Just go to Daimon Station and go out exit B4.  B4 you know it, you will be enjoying a wonderful bowl!

More info at their official site here.

The festival runs from Thursday the 27th to Wednesday the 17th of October.  If you can't make it to my day, don't worry, there are plenty of tsukemen slurping chances ahead.

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