Thursday, September 20, 2012

真空 (Shinku in Machida)

辛麺 真空


I was in town, and thought I would stop by that Rock n' Roll 69 shop in Machida. You know, the one where you aren't allowed to speak in the shop. I really want to hate that place, due to the stupid rules, but their ramen was fantastic.


Anyways, out of soup as usual.


A nearby back-alley had a rather spicy looking shop. Shinku's motto is, "Spicy . . . but good."


Sure, it was ok. Just enough spice to kick up the oily, cheesy blob of noodles.


The shop is known, I gathered, for their limited menu items. Doing a monthly, or even bi-monthly gentei ramen is an easy way for a local shop to stay relevant.


They've been in all the local magazines, though a lot of these are as useful as a phone book for finding choice ramen.


Tokyo, Machida-shi, Haramachida 4-1-5
Closest station: Machida

Open 11:30-22:30

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