Sunday, September 2, 2012

3の3 (Sannosan in Tokushima)



Tokushima ramen! Let's review.

Heavy shoyu soup . . . check!
Fried meat mounds . . . check!
Raw egg on top . . . kind of a check!


Sannosan (Three's three?) had a shorter line than nearby Ramen Todai, and the dudes I was rolling with were not the types to wait in lines.


Tokushima ramen is awesome. There are already other forms of ramen dubbed Stamina Ramen, but Tokushima, with all that protein, is perfect after some beers in the summer sun.


Seriously one of the most random ramens, way out on the island of Shikoku. What else can you find in Tokushima?


The annual Awaodori dance festival. Have fun.


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