Monday, September 17, 2012

龍天門 (Ryutenmon in Ebisu)



Michelin one-star ramen? Sort of.


Definitely a Michelin one-star price! That 3400 yen comes to about $40 for this limited summer dish. Lunchtime only. At dinner, Ryutenmon is typical of ultra-gourmet Chinese restaurants; I'll have to get back to you about the $700 a person chef's course.

If the limited hiyashichuka, cold noodles often eaten in summer, is any indicator, that course is going to be a random spattering of exotic ingredients.


Fried ginko root, unagi, jellyfish, and a few kinds of baby tomatos.


Edamame beans, stewed apricot, sliced ark shell, and choice beef flank. All in a black vinegar sauce. Very sweet and sour.


I won't say it was worth it, because that is a lot of cash to drop on some noodles. But it was definitely something special. The noodles are handmade, of course, by Chef Chin.


Tantanmen is available year round. The limited hiyashichuka is not. I've seen these summer noodle specials at a few high-end hotel restaurants, and they usually last only the months of July and August. See you next year!


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