Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ラーメン棒 (Ramen . . . stick?)



New kanji for you. 棒 means stick or pole. And the above is a pole of ramen.


The winner of yet another B-kyu gourmet challenge, this one out in Nara, the Ramen Stick was making a brief appearance in Tokushima for the Awaodori festival. Let's try!


It's basically heavily flavored noodles, a piece of pork, and egg wrapped up in a tortilla.

Does that sound good?


You bet it sounds good! Japan is late to the wrap game. Back in my home state of California, we wrap anything and everything. The success of the Ramen Stick should be a wake-up call. More tortilla!


I don't know if I am joking or not, but this was a tasty snack. Emphasis on the snack. At only 400 yen, it wasn't pricey. But a mildly hungry dude could easily finish five of these.


Does this count as an empty bowl? Kanshoku!


I've also heard of B-kyu gourmet ramen burgers, expect the search to continue.


They have a shop in Nara, apparently. Check the site for more info.