Friday, September 14, 2012

ジャジャンハウス (Jyajyan House in Okubo)



Korean-style Chinese food in Japan. That sums up Jyajyan House in Okubo.


Okubo is Tokyo's Korea-town, for those out of the loop. But like the Yokohama China-town, it has taken on an uber-touristy feel. With the boom of K-pop fandom in Japan (I'm looking at you mid 30s to 50s Japanese housewives!) the place is a bit of a madhouse these days. I'm talking fleets of tour buses at noon on a weekday.

There are plenty of Korean staples. Yakiniku, bibimbap, and chijimi shops along the whole block. There are even a few places to get ramyeon, that Korean cousin of ramen.

Most Korean noodle spots here use instant noodles. Not interested.


Apart from the kimchi, this isn't very Korean***. True to the sign on the shop's door, this is Chinese with a Korean twist. The noodles are hand made on site, lamein style.

***I shouldn't make assumptions about Korea, since I know very little about noodle culture there. According to a reader's comment, this combo is quite common in Korea, and is maybe the quintessential Korean-Chinese noodle dish.


Probably the number one item on the menu is the double plate of jyajyamen and champon. The champon is chock full of strange seafood bits. Strange by a Western standard. But, remember, this is Korean-style Chinese food in Japan. That's a lot of east.


And, they deliver.


Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho 2-32-17
Closest station: Shin-Okubo

Open 11:00-3:00am