Friday, September 28, 2012

秋限定 (Fall Limited Ramen)


Get them soon, because the ever-popular Aki Gentei - Autumn limited offerings - will only be here for a month or two.

Along with staff from Playboy, we checked out a handful for an upcoming magazine feature.  I would say the theme this year is creativity.  These are all top shops in town, and though I can't recommend the limited offerings over their standard bowls, these are a lot of fun.


Gamushara does a miso wonton with super-secret-spicy-punch sauce.  Intense!


Soranoiro makes a thick corn potage soup, topped with crab.  Do you like corn?  Japan is a little corn-crazy, throwing it in anything deemed Western.  Corn on your pizza, corn in your spaghetti, chocolate covered corn.  Personally, I don't enjoy the stuff in any form aside from tortillas.


Basanova brings a Tex-Mex inspired chili bean tsukemen to the table.  The chashu is smoked by a friend who runs a nearby barbecue spot.  Definitely the highlight; I would like to see more smoked meats used as toppings.


Shono goes nuts with their gentei.  Actually, Shono is know for their monthly gentei being a completely off the wall artistic experiment.  This month's has - deep breath - shioyaki sanma (a type of fish), fried yam chips, ginger mousse, plum mousse, and an egg drop soup with a piece of smoked sanma inside.


The mad scientist himself.


Saikoro draws inspiration from his wife.  Dubbed LiL Mama Ratatouille Curry Tsukemen, the ratatouille is created by Mrs. Soul Noodles, the curry soup my Mr. Soul Noodles.


Mutahiro serves up the most "normal" gentei.  The shio niboshi soup is crisp, the Autumn toppings simple.  And the staff?


Fun shop.

The Autumn gentei special will be in Weekly Playboy on October 8th, check it out wherever finer Japanese magazines are sold if you have a chance.  Actually, that will be my one year anniversary working with them.  よろしく!

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Ko said...

I watched the TV program , tried to find this blog,and am commenting now.
I am glad to see you.
My name is Ko.(my first name)
But first of all I'm sorry that I'm Japanese so my English is possibly difficult to understand.
I hope my comment helps you write better articles.

I live in Chiba.
Chiba Station has many ramen shops nearby.
Namikishouji is famous for torigara-soup.This soup is white,and very creamy.
Shuan is famous for tsukemen.
Please try to eat.
Thank you for reading my comment.