Monday, August 13, 2012

弥彦の夏限定 - Summer Special at Yahiko



Three of my favorite things:


My bicycle. Finding a 22 inch mountain bike in Japan was tough.



And Mexican spices. Actually, I am a complete chili nut. Growing up in California, I had ample access to a dozen or so varieties of dried and fresh chilis. Pasella, pobleno, ancho . . . I learned how to cook with them all.


This is a great limited special, but don't expect much Mexican flair. Japan is probably one of the least knowledgeable countries in the world when it comes to real Mexican cuisine. Yahiko goes a step beyond the standard taco-taste, albeit a small step. Corn, tomatoes, and some tortilla chips account for the Mexican toppings, and a chili spice mix is added to their always excellent curry soup.


I would actually recommend their original curry tsukemen over this. But if you want to do the whole summer limited thing, you won't be disappointed.


Eleven secret spices? Not a secret anymore!


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