Tuesday, August 7, 2012

ソラノイロの夏限定 - Summer Special at Soranoiro



Soranoiro can do no wrong. The head chef, Miyazaki-san, is a rising star in the ramen scene. You can be sure that a limited summer special is going to be something fantastic.


There is a definite color theme going on here. Going clockwise, that is gari (pickled ginger), yamaimo (a kind of slimy root vegetable),umeboshi (pickled plum [actually a kind of apricot]), chicken chashu, an egg, and pickled cabbage on the top. A lot of pickled things means sourness abounds in this one.


Add in some lemon jelly.


Go ahead!


Dump it all in. Sweet and sour, this cold noodle dish is super fun.


You can bet I drained the bowl!

Soranoiro has been making a lot of genteis lately. Keep it up!