Thursday, August 30, 2012

南京町ラーメン (Kobe Chinatown Ramen)



Kobe isn't known as a ramen town by any means. Though the namesake Kobe Beef has been used to make ramen, you are better off seeking your fix elsewhere.


Though I consider ramen a total Japanese food, the Chinese roots mean that most Chinese restaurants serve the stuff. It should be obvious that a Chinatown would be a good spot to search. Kobe is one of the three major Chinatowns in Japan. Yokohama and Nagasaki play host to the other two. But San Franciscans be warned, the only thing Chinese about these so called towns is the generic font that the shops use. Touristy to say the least. But touristy can be good sometimes.


Grab a seat. The main square has a handful of street-side ramen shops, all with prices at about 300 yen.


Simple, shark fin (probably fake) noodles.


On the small side, but a good value for the novelty factor. The ultra-thick soup is magma-hot. Be careful.


Oh, and get the frozen, shaved fruit cups. The wait was like 20 minutes . . .


. . . but this was rad!



Unknown said...

What went into the frozen fruit cup aside from blueberries? I see some type of liquid out of a squeezy bottle was added to the mystery fruit cup too.

Ramen Adventures said...

Just some sweetened condensed milk. The fruit is just frozen fruit.