Monday, August 27, 2012

GR8 in Ichikawa

自然派レストラン グレイト(GR8)


Ever since slurping my first bowl of green curry ramen at Basanova all those years ago, I've been intrigued by the combination. Other shops have the stuff, but it has never been something I would think of ordering again. I heard that GR8 (great?) out in Chiba had a creamy green curry ramen on their menu. Intrigued.


The shop is less of a ramen shop and more of a soups-that-match-with-rice shop. You can technically throw noodles in any soup and call it ramen, a practice that is still common at Thai restaurants in the city. A practice that is quite abominable!

But you have to give a shop a chance.


The toppings are eclectic. Grilled chicken, melty cheese, mounds of mushrooms. I went with the double veggies for 200 yen.


Well, at first, the "double" veggies is a disappointment. Is that just an extra pinch of lettuce? It's a rhetorical question.

The soup made up for that. A solid, Thai-style curry. Creamy and just a bit spicy.


Didn't match well with noodles. Once again, this was just a great bowl of soup with noodles thrown in. Most menu items are available with either ramen noodles or some nice full-grain rice. Go with the rice.


The thick rice ice cream is fantastic.


Chiba-ken, Ichikawa-shi, Ichikawa 1-26-10
Closest station: Ichikawa

Open 11:30-24:00


Charlotte-Chan said...

Hello, I love your blog ^_^
I'm flying to Japan in mid september. Me and my mum don't eat meat, but eat fish and was wondering anywhere we could find some sort of fish/seafood ramen?

Thanks~ I look forward to reading your future posts ^_^

Ramen Adventures said...

There are a few that do fish soups. Bonito Bonito and Ivan Plus are two excellent ones: