Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chianti Lunchtime Ramen



Chianti is a slightly overpriced chain of Italian eateries, with shops all over the country, mostly in Tokyo. Not exactly my kind of place to eat at.


My daily bicycle commute takes me past one of these shops, so the opening of a special lunchtime Italian ramen shop was quickly noticed. Anticipation was high. The Buono! Buono! at the bottom of the noren hinted that maybe, just maybe, this was a reincarnation of long-closed Buono Buono in Nakameguro, one of the best Italian tomato ramen shops I have been to.


Unfortunately . . . no relation.

Unfortunately . . . tasted like Cambell's Soup with some instant noodles tossed in.

Unfortunately . . . there was a hair in my oshibori (moist hand cloth).


Skip it.


Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Honmachi 2-29-13
Closest station: Nakanosakaue

Open 11:45-14:00
Closed Weekends

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