Thursday, July 26, 2012

値段のないラーメン屋 (No Cost Ramen in Shiodome)



How much would you pay for a bowl of ramen?


That is the concept here at this limited popup in Shiodome.


Part of the Shiohaku festival. If you head down to the Nihon TV building you can see what I am talking about.


Fun . . .


. . . and excitement. Don't get distracted by Evangelion or bikini models (not pictured), there is free ramen to be had.


Wait in line, I assume. I attended a press day, so the wait was minimal. I would expect a massive line during the summer months.


Get your bowl.


Slurp away! The shop was very chic; all red and black. The bowl was equally simple. No toppings really, just a peppering of sliced green onion to go with the shoyu ramen.


By the way, you are being streamed on the internet.


Finally, write what you would pay for this bowl. Completely hypothetical. The 777 is a bit high, but I wanted to send some lucky vibes to whatever it is they are trying to do here.

The big LED signage out front (all zeros on this, the negative first day of opening) will reflect the average, as well as how many people tried it. For an update, check it out:

Isn't technology cool! Honestly, I would pay maybe 400 yen for this bowl. Without any special toppings, it isn't worth a lot.

I'd like to hear what others think of this. Post your thoughts here or over at the facebook page!


From 10:30-17:00 until August 7th, 2012

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illahee said...

ok, that's really cool. i have shared the streaming on facebook. too bad i'm in fukuoka....