Wednesday, July 4, 2012

バサノバの夏限定 - Summer Special at Basanova



A solid 限定 (limited release) from Basanova. Homemade basil oil accentuates the light broth.


Keizo's blog may be a few months behind, but this summer dish is right up to date with the rising temperatures.


It's gonna be a hot summer! Look for the massive 冷やし signs outside many ramen shops. Hiyashi means chilled, and hiyashi soba is a cold bowl of ramen. Strong tastes don't work so well, look for something light and tangy.

The light broth is usually accentuated with choice toppings. Basanova went with cherry tomato, spinach, and a lengthy piece of menma to name a few.


I'm a fan of Basanova, want to read more?