Monday, June 18, 2012

ソラノイロ x ドリルマン x さいころ (Collaboration!)

ソラノイロ x ドリルマン x さいころ


Hiroshi called me up at something like 9:30am . . . on a Sunday. Sure, a phone ringing at this ungodly hour is enough to break most friendships into pieces, but an hour later we were in line for ramen, drinking a cold beer. What's so special?


You see, this was no ordinary bowl. A one day, limited collaboration by three of the hottest ramen names in recent ramen trends.


To put it in perspective, I arrived over an hour and a half before the shop opened. I was number nine in line. By the time they opened, around 75 people were ready to eat. Only 200 bowls would be served. To say that my comrades in the early ramen-wait are fans is the understatement of the year; these people are nuts. The chefs, humble as they are, are elevated to minor celebrities around these people. I'm happy to be part of this crowd.


Again, you may ask, what's so special?


A triple soup, every component using the best that Japan has to offer. Pork from one of the best ranches in Hiroshima. Kochin chicken from Nagoya, of course. Fish - saba - from Chiba.


Collaborations are a common thing. If you take a Pokemon attitude towards life - gotta catch em all - you'll probably never have time for a regular bowl.


Miyazaki-san (Soranoiro) and staff from Saikoro (Saikoro) on the soup above. Koitani-san (BASSO) on the noodles below.



Unknown said...

Wow you were 9 in line, I had no idea ramen shops had collaborations. I also had no idea people would line up early just to get a bowl of the yummy stuff! I read another blog talking about a famous place that serves sushi, the wait can go upwards of 2 hours. Do you know how soon they served out their 200 portions if they opened at noon and already had a line?

Ramen Adventures said...

I waited about 2 hours for sushi at Tsukiji market. Many years ago.

I'm sure they sold out of ramen before 2pm.