Saturday, June 30, 2012

千里眼 (Senrigan in Kitazawa)



Jiro-kei time!


Sure, the rare review of a Jiro style shop is usually met with disdain on this site, but the search goes on!


Senrigan was a recommended shop from from a reader of the site. Thanks are in order, this one was one of the better bowls (of Jiro-kei) I've had.


You want garlic?

It's the question that gets asked at every Jiro-kei shop (kei means style or type, Jiro is a popular family of ramen shops in the Tokyo area). Have your quick response ready, or the busy staff will be on your case like bean sprouts on this bowl.

Ninniku and karaage was my answer this time. Garlic and spicy bits of fried batter drippings. Also available is the Fuji-sized mountain of vegetables, mounds of pork fat, and spice. Ask for them by name. Mashi mashi if you're feeling bold.


Not too intense, as can be the case at a shop like this. The pork was tender and moist, another thing which I find isn't standard.

I feel a bit under-qualified to review this style. I haven't even been to the original Jiro shop in Tokyo. And my reviews are always skewed based on what I did that day. If I was being lazy, drinking and sitting around the apartment, Jiro doesn't work for me. But if I exerted myself with a bit of exercise, this stuff goes down great. On Senrigan's day, I had cycled about 40 kilometers out west and back for some work. Famished, I devoured this bowl with ease.


I should also note that after every bowl of this sort, this one included, my stomach felt like I had made a mistake within an hour.

Twenty minute wait at nine pm on a weeknight. I still think I'm the only person not obsessed with Jiro.

I was touring a stateside ramen lover around, and couldn't let him go home without sampling this side of ramen in Tokyo. Senrigan, or maybe Fujimaru or Tatsuya, will probably be part of any future ramen food tours that I do. For the sake of the traveler. Like I said, I'm the only person not obsessed with it.


Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Komaba 4-6-8
Closest station: Higashikitazawa

Open 11:30-14:30, 17:00-22:00
Sundays 11:30-14:30, 17:00-21:00
Closed Mondays


Dan said...

I left my first and only Jiro shop (Mita) disappointed and with a coating of fat I'm still trying to scrub from my mouth.

Ramen Adventures said...

Too bad, that is supposed to be the best of the Jiro shops, though it might just be because it started the whole thing, so it automatically becomes famous.

Will said...

What a great bowl, thanks again for taking me!