Saturday, June 2, 2012

ポークヌードル内藤 (Anaya in Hatsudai)



The sign on the front says Anaya, but the internet says Po-ku Nu-doru (Pork Noodle) Naito.


As does the little menu on the counter. Pork Noodles is an understatement. It should be Pork-rich Pork Noodles with Pork (Extra Pork on Request). ポークリーチポークヌードルとポーク (大盛ポークあります).


Hey, aren't you supposed to ask if I want garlic?


A heavy-handed bowl in the style of Ramen Jiro. It tastes like it looks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though, so this is a must-try spot for any Jiro lover. The above-eaten bowl was intense, and like any Jiro experience, half the moyashi bean sprouts went uneaten. Does anyone out there really like a mountain of those things?


One of the best ramen shop t-shirts I've seen. "When you are finished, please put the bowl and utensils above the counter." A common practice at shops where the staff might not have time to come out front and collect your used dishes. Many ramen shops follow this creed. In addition, a towel above the counter (usually a dark color) is there for you to wipe your eating area down before you leave.


Daruma is watching, don't leave your bowl on the counter.


Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Honmachi 2-4-3
Closest station: Hatsudai

Open 18:30-23:00
Closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday