Saturday, June 2, 2012

ポークヌードル内藤 (Anaya in Hatsudai)



The sign on the front says Anaya, but the internet says Po-ku Nu-doru (Pork Noodle) Naito.


As does the little menu on the counter. Pork Noodles is an understatement. It should be Pork-rich Pork Noodles with Pork (Extra Pork on Request). ポークリーチポークヌードルとポーク (大盛ポークあります).


Hey, aren't you supposed to ask if I want garlic?


A heavy-handed bowl in the style of Ramen Jiro. It tastes like it looks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though, so this is a must-try spot for any Jiro lover. The above-eaten bowl was intense, and like any Jiro experience, half the moyashi bean sprouts went uneaten. Does anyone out there really like a mountain of those things?


One of the best ramen shop t-shirts I've seen. "When you are finished, please put the bowl and utensils above the counter." A common practice at shops where the staff might not have time to come out front and collect your used dishes. Many ramen shops follow this creed. In addition, a towel above the counter (usually a dark color) is there for you to wipe your eating area down before you leave.


Daruma is watching, don't leave your bowl on the counter.


Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Honmachi 2-4-3
Closest station: Hatsudai

Open 18:30-23:00
Closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday


ChardK1 said...

The menu calls this ramen 偽郎 ("Giro", using the kanji for "fake" or "copy" in place of the 二 for "Jiro"). I guess it is supposed to be clever and tongue in cheek but it's kind of obnoxious if you ask me. 千里眼 in Higashikitazawa does the Jiro-kei thing best IMHO.

Ramen Adventures said...

I'm not, as evident by this blog, the biggest fan of Jiro. I'll try 千里眼 though, since it's close to my apartment. Thanks, as always!

Unknown said...

I love bean sprouts! I will have to try this sometime. Are they really crunchy or cooked down pretty soft?

Ramen Adventures said...

About half-cooked. Bean sprouts are totally normal in the ramen world, especially with this style.

Unknown said...

Where I live there is only two places that I know of, both owned by the same people that serve Ramen... and it doesn't have bean sprouts. It's very brothy and has big noodles with very few toppings :(

keizo said...

yo! that dude in ur pic (ぶんちゃん) used to work at Bassanova back in the day. btw, it's Anaya not Amaya. AND back in the day Naito used to be a collabo with basa, but that fizzled. i can fill u in on the history the next time we drink!

Ramen Adventures said...

Thanks Keizo. I love all the old ramen history, no matter big or small, I wanna know it all!