Saturday, May 26, 2012

世界の龍ちゃんよしき坊 (Ryuchan in Daitabashi)



Local streets with some sort of theme are scattered throughout Japan. Sometimes, it's just an excuse to create a cute mascot, like Koenji's Monkey Street. Often, it is just meant to draw the right crowd, like Shinjuku's Drunkard Alley. Other times, it is a tribute to a location, like Daitabashi's Okinawa Road.

Obviously there are some Okinawan restaurants there.


世界の龍ちゃんよしき坊, aka Seikai no Ryuchan Yoshikibo, aka The World's Math Equation Monk Ryu-chan (?), from now on referred to simple as Jake-san's place, is a local hangout of Keizo from GoRamen. The place is eclectic to say the least. The counter in the above poorly-shot photo is actually a salt water aquarium. Look for Nemo in there.

And behind the counter?


A secret pull-out piano. Jake-san wasn't in the mood to play a tune, but he conveniently had a video of one of his TV appearances ready to show.

More randomness, Jake-san races souped-up Corvettes on the side.


A full selection of Okinawan beer is available. The Goya brew was the winner.


How's the ramen? Apparently, "It's a Bomb !"


Honest ramen. I don't know if I would say It's a Bomb!, but it is definitely the the exclamation mark at the end of that sentence.


Tokyo, Suginami-ku, Izumi 1-3-16
Closest station: Daitabashi

Open 12:00-14:30, 17:00-23:00


Unknown said...

Secret music! Amazing!!! This looks like a place I would love to try. Eclectic is my cup of tea.

Ramen Adventures said...

No tea, only Okinawan beer.

Unknown said...

Sweet! All the better!