Thursday, May 17, 2012

長浜食堂 (Nagahamashokudo in Nakano)

博多餃子房 長浜食堂


After some chicken sashimi (and a few beers), we went to a local soba place for soba and tempura (and a few glasses of choice sake). This is a typical business meeting for people working in the food field. Also typical, we decided to get some ramen after. But alas, our slow pace got us there too late, and the hot new shop we wanted to check out was closed. I filed it's location away for another day.


The next day, actually. I usually possess an African bushman's directional memory, but this time, the only shop at my mental treasure map's X was this tonkotsu chain. Might have something to do with all the beer the night before.

But I gave Nagahama Shokudo a try anyways.


I did, so you don't have to.


'Nuff said.


Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Arai 2-10
Closest station: Nakano

Open 11:30-15:00, 17:00-2:00am
Weekends and Holidays 11:30-2:00am

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HMiki said...

Saiyuki opened about two years ago a block to the west.