Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ramen Preview in ?????


What does the future have in store for California ramen?


Would you rather order a bowl of Miso Ramen, or a bowl of Sonoma County Organic Miso with a Medley of Organic Seasonal Dirty Girl Farms Vegetables and a Free Range Trish Elliot Ranch Egg . . . Ramen.


What's your take on ingredient worship? What if that obsessive attention to detail results in this:


What if these ingredients, sourced daily from local farms, results in a $20 bowl of ramen?


I like where this is going. I like where food culture in San Francisco is right now. Street food pop-ups are tweeting their next move by the dozens. Everyone is thinking locally. Chefs are trying new things, fun things, that are actually accessible to normal people. Artisan coffees and craft beers have replaced Folgers and Bud Light. Go ahead and make some Portlandia reference, or refer me to some poll about how much the West Coast is despised, I'm down with it.


And are these guys seriously going to distill some 昆布 gin?