Sunday, March 4, 2012

馬賊 (Bazoku in Nippori)



You come here for the handmade-on-the-spot noodles.


Flour flying everywhere.


You come here for the noodles.


The ramen at Bazoku is definitely on the standard-tasting side. Don't expect wisps of kodawari flavors to come through anytime soon. But in the search for gourmet ramen, where rare and novel ingredients push the latest shop to the top of the list, it can be easy to forget what is so good about a simple bowl of noodles. The original purpose of that soup that has become so important was to keep the noodles hot. A little salty and fatty for flavor, in no way meant to come near the star of the bowl. The noodles are what sustain you. And the noodles here are cheap, irregularly shaped, and perfect.


Tokyo, Arakawa-ku, Nishinippori 2-18-2
Closest station: Nippori

Open 11:00-23:30

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