Monday, February 20, 2012

金字塔 (Kinjito in Akabane)

焙煎汐蕎麦処 金字塔


Kinjito is in every magazine. Kinjito has been visited by all the food-related TV shows. Kinjito has been slurped by an A-list of famous ramen celebrities. Kinjito is, as expected, amazing.


Learn the kanji characters, 自家製, jikasei, as you will see it a lot here. It means homemade, and the number 1 selling bowl (tokusen shiosoba) is full of homemade goodies.


The toppings are a sight. A crispy cracker of puffed rice. Cherry-wood-smoked bacon, homemade. A bright-yellow egg. A chicken meatball, crunchy and rough with cartilage.


The first whiff is accented by white truffle oil. I would be happy stopping there; a simple shio with a little something extra. But 2 kinds of jikasei oil are a draw here.


When the bowl is halfway down, go ahead and add some coffee oil for even more flavors. It's so random, but it works.


When a shop uses a simple shio as a palette for unique tastes, then that shop has often done something right.


Open late.


Tokyo, Kita-ku, Akabane 1-62-5
Closest station: Akabane

Open 11:30-1:00am


yoshi said...

ラーメンの写真が良く撮れていて見ていると食べたくなります。小田急線の狛江駅周辺もラーメン屋が沢山あります。一心亭、黒船、江川亭狛江店など ぜひ食べてみてください。

Al said...

What is "homemade bacon"? Do they mate pigs in the back or something?

Ramen Adventures said...


Al, this shop is in a seedy part of town . . . so anything is possible!