Wednesday, February 1, 2012

愚直 (Guchoku in Nakaitabashi)



The 254 is a road starting somewhere in the middle of Tokyo and heading out towards the northwest of Kanto. Many years ago, when I bought my first motorcycle in the big city and drove it back to Kawagoe, I experienced the 254 for the first time. Impressions? Traffic and ramen shops.


Guchoku is one of those shops. Just look for the sign!


I'll be frank about this shop. Because Guchoku is simple and honest. A true to the name bowl of rich tonkotsu ramen. Nothing gimmicky, no tricks.


The shop, which had a line of about 6 people on a random day of the week, is very local. The 254 is a lifeline to nearby Saitama prefecture that lies firmly inconvenient for pedestrians. Nearby parking is available.


The creamy soup is worth the trek though. And to be frank, a 15 minute from a station that us 15 minutes from the city center isn't too much of a stretch.


Tokyo, Itabashi-ku, Oyaguchikitacho 12-7
Closest station: Nakaitabashi

Open 12:00-15:00, 20:00-22:00
Closed Monday and Thursday

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