Tuesday, February 7, 2012

牡丹 (Botan in the port city of Misaki)



Not wanting to miss a chance, I said goodbye to my motorcycle friends and headed back into town for another bowl.


It was fairly warm, and I wanted to take advantage of the rare day off. The Misaki Ramen Association (website here) lists a few shops to visit.


I ordered more maguro ramen. This one was almost identical to the last bowl, with the Chinese-style stir fry on top. The only significant difference was that the soup was a lighter shio broth, and in no way as fishy. Better, but honestly I would rather have eaten the maguro stir fry on a bowl of rice.


Maguro rayu. Of course I drizzled some on.


By this point I was sick of gimmicky ramen. Yes, Misaki is the #2 maguro port in Japan, but that doesn't mean that the restaurants are better equipped to prepare the fish here. What it does mean is that the restaurants are catered to the locals; fishermen who want a hot, wholesome meal and a beer after weeks at sea.

I would bet that none of the locals order the maguro ramen.


Kanagawa-ken, Miura-shi, Misaki 3-4-10
Closest station: Misakiguchi, then a bus

Open 11:30-22:00
Closed Thursdays


Bashico said...

Gosh, it's where I wanna visit someday!

Ramen Adventures said...

A nice set of different kinds of maguro sushi, or even just a maguro bowl (fish on rice) would probably be pretty good.

ChardK1 said...

Yeah, the whole gotouchi gurume thing I have mixed emotions about. On one hand, it's cool to come up with new down to earth good eats. On the other hand sometimes the desperation is palpable ("we will save our boring little town with a signature dish") and usually it is some lame twist on ramen, yakisoba or korokke.