Sunday, January 8, 2012

つたふじ (Tsutafuji in Onomichi)



With limited time in Onomichi, I needed to make it count. That means more ramen. A popular online listing of shops put Tani here at a distant number 2 spot. The shop was in the station, had no line, and looked rather dull. Taking a minute to check facebook while relaxing in the neighboring Mister Donuts store, I got a call from Goramen's Keizo, urging me to check out a different shop. See ya Tani!


See ya Goku!


See ya Betcha!


This is more like it. A line out the door, full of both locals and tourists.


Tsutafuji is the yin to Shukaen's yang. While Shukaen was a non-stop producer of bowl after bowl, with a shiny interior and plenty of uniformed staff, Tsutafuji is a little mom and pop shop. Even the customers waiting in line reflected this, and I was quickly chatting about noodles with a couple from Hiroshima, some fencing club friends from Osaka, and a nice old lady from around the corner.


Inside is cramped, and a tall guy like me was pressed up against the celebrity-signed plaques on the wall. Pure bliss.


The chain-smoking shop master's simple Onomichi ramen is layered with plenty of scalding oil, so be careful!


The seabura here is much less dominant. All-in-all a simple 500 yen bowl of comfort food.


Hiroshima-ken, Onomichi-shi, Tsuchido 2-10-17
Closest station: Onomichi

Open 11:00-20:00
Closed Tuesdays

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