Tuesday, January 24, 2012

イチゴラーメン (Strawberry Ramen at Papapapapine)



Hold on a second . . .


Why does the shop that serves up pineapple ramen still have such a long line? I admit, it is worth a try, but I am shocked that it has gained such a following. A better question would be, why am I back here?


For their monthly special. Yeah, the shop that only does pineapple juice infused soup, with pineapple toppings and pineapple soaked eggs, has an interesting way to get you coming back.


No, not the pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-point card, though that's a nice touch.


No, not the pineapple beer (which they were out of by the way).


It's this. Strawberry ramen. Their monthly limited edition fruit ramen. Yes, I said limited edition fruit ramen. Next month will be something new.

Is this something that would send you straight to the to-to-to-to-toilet?


At first taste, it kind of was. The smell of strawberry puree in a light shio broth was just as you would imagine. Go ahead, dump a jar of jam into your chicken soup. As smell gives the strongest influence on taste, the first taste was a bit off as well.

But then something magical happened. The raw onion began to soften, and the little bit of cheese hidden under that red strawberry topping began to melt. The unexpected combination . . . was actually good.

Definitely an IMHO though. I finished every last drop, but don't expect anyone else to.


Next month's limited edition fruit ramen? I asked. He answered.


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