Monday, January 30, 2012

めとき (Metoki in Okubo)



In English, we say 3rd time's a charm. Seems like a good saying. Most things worth the wait are worth a few tries. But in Japanese, the phrase goes 七転び八起き. 8th time's a charm. Whether or not this was my 8th time to Metoki, I can't be certain. Definitely more than 3.


There was the time that NHK wanted to film me eating here. No go.

Just about everyone who I eat ramen with on a regular basis in Tokyo has met me in Tokyo's Korea town, Okubo, and walked past the massive lines of countless yakiniku and K-pop music shops, only to be witness to another failed attempt.


But the truth of the matter, the shop's master has been getting on in years, and undisclosed health concerns have forced him to take random days off from work.

Hearing through the grapevine that the shop would probably be open again gave me the motivation to try one last time.


This is Tokyo ramen. The light taste of niboshi, much less than other shops in the same category. A massive handful of menma. And a lot of noodles.


By the way, the regular size is simply massive. I could tell that a few other customers (petit ladies as well as large dudes) regretted that decision. Be warned, unless you are training for the next sumo grand tournament, go with the small size.


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Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Okubo 2-29-8
Closest station: Shin-Okubo

Open 11:00-14:30
Closed Sundays and Mondays

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