Thursday, January 26, 2012

マタドール (Matador in Kita-Senju)

牛骨らぁ麺 マタドール


All the ramen celebrity eaters have been here.


And heaps of congratulation letters cover the wall.


This is what happens when you land your newly opened shop on the cover of the annual TRY magazine. Tokyo Ramen of the Year.

業界最高権威 TRY認定 第12回ラーメン大賞 2011-12 (1週間MOOK)

I like this magazine. It's not so great as a guidebook, but it gives a nice insight into which shops are making waves. Matador sits on the podium for both their shoyu and their originality.


The 贅沢焼牛らぁ麺 (luxirious roast beef ramen) is as good as it looks. Giant slabs of roast beef, local green onion, extremely high grade shoyu and mirin; I usually feel that 1000 yen for a bowl is too high, but in this case it's almost too low.


Since the soup is made from nontraditional beef bones, expect a much sweeter bowl here than your average.


No word on whether any real matadors were employed in the creation of this bowl.


東京都足立区千住東2-4-17 中村ビル1F
Tokyo, Adachi-ku, Senjuazuma 2-4-17
Closest station: Kita-Senju

Open 11:30-14:30, 18:00-soup runs out
Weekends 11:30-soup runs out
Closed Mondays