Friday, January 20, 2012

純連 (Junren in Takadanobaba)



Have I been here before? Junren is probably the most famous Sapporo-style ramen shop in Japan. The Tokyo branch in Takadanobaba is definitely popular, so why don't I remember eating here? Even the interior gave off a deja-vu vibe for me.


Certainly enough of the ramen elite have been here. The shop has been a mainstay for years, a bit of the north all the way down here in Tokyo.


But I just don't remember. And after this bowl at lunch today, I have a feeling that once again, the memory will disappear. The first sip is good, but after that, I struggled with the second one. The little flavors, the hint of sweetness and ginger, it's gone in a second and replaced by a simple struggle to eat.

I could swear I remember eating here, and I could swear enjoying it. Maybe I read it on someone else's blog.

I remember more about what I drank last night than the bowl I just ate.


Though that was one of the best makoris I've had in Japan. I can taste it now, the milky-white drink, foaming up with live cultures. Amazing.


Turns out I did sample the ramen of Junren in the past. I guess I went to the Tachikawa branch, and labeled it as Jyunren, almost 4 years ago. Yeah, I forgot.

Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Takadanobaba 3-12-8
Closest station: Takadanobaba

Open 11:00-23:30


ChardK1 said...

Makes sense. I remember reading the manga ラーメン発見伝 way back when and the protagonist had a real challenge coming up with a great miso ramen because miso has an overpowering umami that makes it easy to make a good miso ramen but hard to make a memorable one. It's hard not to be just miso ramen at the end of the day. I guess your feelings are similar!

@eiburamu said...

Junren sucks