Saturday, January 28, 2012

ラーメンアメリカ人 8-11 (Ramen Americans Month Three)

Another month of Weekly Playboy. Another month of Ramen Americans and our ramen discussions. Another month of AKB48!

(If the images below don't show up, I blame SOPA! Someone somewhere seems to be blocking photos of magazines. If you click on the missing photo, it takes you to Flickr, where you can see the photos. If anyone knows how to get around this, let me know!)

Shinoda Mariko. I gotta say, she looks great with the short hair. Read on for some Christmas date ideas for the guys with girlfriends, and some tips on new ways to use your Tenga for the guys without.

In the last column, I said how much I dislike Jiro. I clarify that I only mean the original Jiro. There are actually some Jiro-style shops that I enjoy . . . sometimes. Mmmmm, Fujimaru.

Merry Christmas! That's singer and idol Yoshiki Risa. As a bonus, you get stickers! Of her!

We start talking about trips we've taken to eat ramen. I've traveled a lot in this country, often with the intent of eating. I introduce a couple shops, and then we talk trash about yankees, which are a demographic of young people in the countryside of Japan. One word . . . mullets.

It's the first issue of the new year. AKB on the front, as one would expect. There is a wonderful, photo-rich piece about the state of the disaster zone in the north. The before and after scenes are striking. がんばって日本!

More travel-talk this time. Asahikawa and Fukuoka . . . nice memories! I don't talk a lot about it on this site, but I have a lot of holiday time from my jobs in Japan, and take every chance I get to travel, usually by motorcycle. Very often, a spontaneous ramen adventures happens.

Actress Takei Emi. Not pictured on the cover is Bull Nakano, who gets a few pages. Don't know Bull Nakano? Head over to youtube.

Hanging out at Kaminoshizuku, we talk about the reception our column has gotten. Using our new found fame to pick up girls at the local 7-11? Why not!


ChardK1 said...

Props to Abram for pointing out Senrigan in Uehara! It is indeed a good shop, related to Yojimbo in Kanda I believe. Better than the Jiro-inspired at the more famous Junk Garage IMHO.

Ramen Adventures said...

He hates Junk Garage, so it's fitting!

pudgym29 said...

As much as I loathe SOPA & PIPA, and shall keep fighting to prevent them from being enacted, that is not the reason why your photographs are not appearing for some Ramen Adventures surfers.
It is the comical (if it wasn't so awful) attempt of web filtering programs who have discovered that Flickr, unlike other photohosts, allows copious areas of bare flesh to be in its images! So the only thing they know how to do to try and prevent this from being viewed by the people who stupidly paid money for their program is to block the entire domain. (This doesn't necessarily mean some surfers here are stupid. It is more likely a policy of whomever is providing their W-WW access.)
For me, I have more problems with the images dying out while attempting to display in each entry. That is likely due to the speed of my connection. Yes, I'm still on a V.92 modem. But they all do appear.