Sunday, December 11, 2011

鳥居 (Torii in Ikaho Onsen)



Ikaho Onsen is just another of Japan's many hot spring resort towns. A little dated, but if you are looking to relax in some mineral-rich onsens, this is a place to go.

And as with Japan's many hot spring resort towns, food is a major draw.


The shop's master advised us against the ramen, suggesting the locally famous udon instead.


We ordered both.


The scent of mirin was strong, mostly from the heavily soaked menma in the bowl. Not a bad bowl, simple and hot.

The shop owner told us that we were the first adults to order ramen in a long time. Ramen... a kid's food? I don't wanna grow up!


As expected, the udon was better.


Gunma, Shibukawa-shi, Ikaho 10-7
Near the top of the famous stairway

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