Wednesday, December 7, 2011

河野 (Kono in Nerima)

麺や 河野


A recent adventure to booze-spiked Koshi had me wanting more. More alcohol in my ramen!


Kono's original draw was just that. Forget the noodles, just look at this menu.


For a mere 300 or 500 yen, you can have a glass of choice tequilla. Nice price! And in a country that doesn't know the difference between blanco and anejo, this selection is amazing.

Being 11 in the morning, I abstained.


Sort of. The shop's special bowl, the R-20, includes a shot of the stuff. Sorry kids and drivers!

Yeah, you should be skeptical of this bowl at first. Seems like a gimmick.


But the tequilla, the cilantro, the lime... it melds with the shio broth perfectly. Any other soup, shoyu or miso for example, would be too much. And I think tonkotsu-gyokai would pair better with a nice scotch.

It's hard to review this bowl without making wise-cracks, so I'll just say that it was great.


And yeah, I felt tipsy after eating this. A shot of booze in the morning will do that!

Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Nakamura 3-13-10
Closest station: Nakamurabashi

Open 11:30-13:30, 17:00-20:00
Closed Tuesday

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