Wednesday, November 30, 2011

長崎お土産 (Souvenir Ramen from Nagasaki)



My High School students took their annual field trip to Nagasaki last week. Omiyage, the obligatory gifts that you need to bring back, was a given. Expecting a couple rice crackers, I begged my girls for ramen. And sure enough, 2 of my 4 classes brought me back some Nagasaki ramen. Champon to be exact. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


But how to make it? I don't actually own a stove yet at my new apartment.


Hey Keizo, help me out!


Walking into a ramen shop and asking them to cook a bowl that you bought somewhere else is a definite no-no. That being said, Keizo and the Bassanova crew hooked it up.


Nice smell!



It was a bit salty, and the fact that there is corn in it makes it strange... but it's the thought that counts. It's actually the first time I've had champon from what I can remember. A strange type of ramen for sure. bits of seafood and vegetables are wok fried, then the soup and noodles are added together. It's almost more of a soup yakisoba than a ramen.

Thanks again! How about some reaction videos:




Wow, we should invest in some acting lessons before we continue down this road.


We had to try the secret Bassanova menu. If you read Go Ramen, you'll see a lot of this. The secret back fat is a great addition to the ramen. Nice work!


And the secret pork bowl was rad. Secret sauce!


Congrats Boom.


Kurt said...

Who is Sarah and why is she so awesome?

Ramen Adventures said...

Sarah is totally awesome. She mailed me out of the blue the day before. Thanks for hanging out Sarah!

Kurt said...

What happened to Boom's video? It was the funniest one!

Ramen Adventures said...

My video was removed by Youtube because of copyright. Boom is an intellectual property!