Wednesday, November 2, 2011

仙台っ子 (Sendaikko in Sendai)



Sendaikko is in, as the name suggests, Sendai. No, this wasn't some sort of grand ramen adventure into the great north of Japan to try something special. This ramen shop just happened to have a massive sign next to the expressway exit.


What is Sendai ramen? What is hidden beneath the bed of nori?


Ie-kei style, of all things. Sure, this northern ramen is slightly different from the Yokohama-style that lives down around Tokyo. For 1 thing, it comes assari, a little weak, without any option to make it stronger. The second difference is that they left out the 家 kanji from their shop name; the honorary character that indicates respect for the original.


Like I said, I didn't come here for a ramen adventure. Wasn't bad though, and the orange and black color theme matched the holiday that i was missing back in Tokyo.


It also matched well with the enduro bikes I would be riding.

Miyage Prefecture, Sendai-shi, Aoba-ku, Kuryu 4-12-12
Closest station: Rikozenochiai (?)

Open 11:00-23:00

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